October Vegas Offer Codes Roundup

October has seen a lot of coupon codes added to our site. Vegas hotels are stocking up in preparation for the New Years travel boom and it’s good to see them fighting for your custom!

Overall, the Wynn promo codes currently offer the best value and deals at this point. You’ve got a choice of eight great offers, our favorite being the chance to get 35% off at the Wynn or Encore if you book this November or December. This offer smashes the other deals out there at the moment and 35% is a lot to knock off a top-notch hotel.

Our Mandalay Bay offer codes include one that gives you an awesome $100 resort credit. That’s when you reserve your room on selected nights. You can use that resort credit for dining, entertainment, spa and retail.

For the high-flyers out there that want something a bit different and a lot of luxury, they need to look no further than the Vdara offer codes. This boutique hotel has released several new offers, some of which are aimed at premium travelers. For example, check out the Vdara V-Life package. You get a whole bunch of add-ons to your stay in the Penthouse suite. Prices on this package start from $1,497.

Other notable offer codes from high-end hotels that you can use before the end of the year are from the Aria, THEhotel and Monte Carlo.

If you’re looking for a cheaper hotel, check out the Excalibur and Circus Circus coupon codes.

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Viva Las Vegas!


Proof: We Have The Best Vegas Hotel Deals!

October 3, 2011General


We’re so proud of how the exclusive promo codes we receive directly from Vegas hotels beat other popular sites, we decided to blog about it as opposed to just publish the hotel deals.

The latest Wynn & Encore promo code that we’ve published is one that gives you 35% off your stay if you book in November or December 2011 (check out this latest Wynn promo code)

Before publishing this promo code, we decided to run a quick test to see just how much our code beats booking via a typical travel or travel comparison site.

We tested booking at the beginning of December at the Wynn for 4 nights. Here are the prices of booking direct with our coupon:

Wynn Promo Code

As you can see, the Deluxe Resort King room has an average cost of $169 per night and the prices creep up for rooms superior to that.

Now lets check the price on a specialist Vegas site, Vegas.com:

Vegas.com Prices

The average price here is a whopping $261.50. That’s an extra $92.50 per night and an extra $370 over the length of the stay!

Now let’s check out Booking.com, a large international hotel site:

Booking.com Prices

Dividing the total price ($984) over the duration of the stay (4 nights) gives us an average price of $246 per night. That’s $77 more expensive per day than booking direct with our coupon code. Over the length of the stay, you’ll have paid an extra $308!!

We’re pleased to say that this is the case with all of the coupon codes we’ve tested for all hotels and we’ll be providing more proof on the great savings you get soon.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re getting the best price just because the site says you are and they have a ‘Best Price Guarantee’. The guarantee is usually just there to prevent you shopping around and if you do find the hotel cheaper elsewhere, you’re pretty time-constrained to claim the difference back.

Browse the latest Las Vegas hotel deals now or filter discounts by Vegas hotel. We hope you enjoy the great savings!


Wynn Promotional Codes

September 13, 2011General


The Wynn Las Vegas is a spectacular hotel and amongst our favorites. The beautiful golden sheen on the sleek building, the luxurious surroundings and service, and the incredible amenities helps this hotel hit the top 10 in most Vegas hotel lists. Here’s some quick facts about the Wynn:

  • It has a 110,000-square-foot casinoWynn Promo Codes
  • 2,716 rooms and suites
  • 15 restaurants
  • Home of the award winning Le Reve show
  • Contains the awesome Tryst nightclub
  • Has an 18-hole championship golf course
  • Has two main pools and several smaller pools and Jacuzzis
  • The spa has 45 treatment rooms
  • Has many upmarket shops
  • And much, much more – frankly, too much to list here. See their site for more info.

Getting A Great Promotional Deal

Despite being well known for it’s luxury, the Wynn is pleasantly affordable. In addition, the promotional codes offered by the Wynn make it an even better deal.

I compared the cost of booking directly through the Wynn with promotional codes on this site and 9 times out of 10, booking direct with our promo code worked out significantly cheaper than going through an agent or using a travel comparison website. That’s because travel sites often do not get access to, or factor in discount codes.

Our Wynn discounts page contains all current offers so be sure to check that out.

For your convenience, I’ve also listed some of the best deals below. Each links goes to the page on this site which contains more useful information of the specific promotion.

  • Wynn $169 for 2 nights  – This summer offer deeply undercuts the price you get elsewhere. Average price at the Wynn per night on other travel sites is around $300!

More Of The Amazing Wynn

We wanted an easy way to showcase just how spectacular the Wynn is and we’re running out of superlatives to describe it! Therefore, we put together a short video highlighting various aspects of the hotel.

Check it out:

We at Las Vegas Hotel Deals are committed to providing you with the best and latest offers so make sure you check us out before each visit!


Aria Hotel Talking Points

Our talking point reviews are designed to give you a quick and insightful view into the most notable features of Vegas hotels. We already know that almost every hotel has an awesome casino, food and in-house clubs so we’re only going to touch on the little things that set a hotel apart and define its character. For our first talking point post, lets start with the Aria:

  • The first thing you notice when entering this hotel is the beautiful and refreshing smell. It’s amazing how this smell can make such a difference to your experience at the Aria and it definitely makes you want to hang around the lobby and casino area for longer.
  • The tech! Upon entering your room, curtains open and other nifty systems get to work. It’s pretty cool being able to control all aspects of your room through your very own control panel.
  • Aria has been specially designed so that you get great views of Vegas, no matter what room you pick! A definite perk!
  • Isolated yet integrated. Aria lies a 1 min drive just off the strip on a road just build for the hotel. It’s nice to take a step back from the Vegas strip yet still be able to reach it in just over a minutes walk.

What were the notable points that stuck with you after staying at the Aria? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thinking of staying at the Aria? Check out our Aria offer codes and get yourself a great discount. We also welcome you to share your Aria coupons of your own!


Amazing Vegas Hotels

July 15, 2011General


Vegas is amazing. It has amazing entertainment, food, activities and HOTELS! The hotels are a tourist attraction in themselves; you’ve got the pyramid inspired Luxor to the amazingly constructed and mammoth Caesars Palace and much, much more.

There’s nowhere in the world where I have seen and stayed in so many amazing hotels in such close proximity and I encourage everyone to visit each and every one, at least once in their lifetime. In comparison to other popular cities, Vegas hotels are reasonably priced. BUT, if you become a Vegas regular the costs can soon mount up. That’s where our site lends a  helping hand. Our site collects offer codes and discounts for all the major Vegas hotels to make your experience more cost-effective. Check up on the latest Vegas hotel deals to make sure your getting a great offer and plan your trip accordingly.

This blog will also review and highlight the amazing features of each Vegas hotel so make sure you stay tuned – there’s a lot more to come!